1F.-27, No. 325, Wushulin, Houbi Dist., Tainan City 731 , Taiwan (R.O.C.)

About Us

Nck Orchids is a Taiwanese and Chilean multinational company established in 2012 where an orchid passionate and experienced grower decided to combine their passion and thereby create Nck. Nck Orchids has been dedicated to the trade and exchange of orchids and other plant species on an international level for different B2B customers.

The alliance created was to fill the desire to export new orchids varieties to other countries and thereby creating a great travel adventure.

Offering direct and exclusive treatment following for a sincere, responsible attitude towards our clients has always been one of our mottos. Thereby, we have been able to establish a long and lasting relationship with our clients.

Our Greenhouses

Nck Orchids has around 9,900 square meters, where produce one million seedling annually. The facilities were built using the best technology and innovation, with the aim of delivering a high-quality product and service.

Our plants are cultivated with the best quality Sphagnum moss imported from southern Chile and Bark imported from New Zealand.


Alejandra Norambuena Cares - CEO

“Searching for new varieties for the market has always been my goal as a marketer. I am in charge of the process of buying and selling orchids, giving our clients the best care and service.

Frequent questions related to the purchase of orchids or others you can write me directly to our email”

Tim Chang - Farmer Manager

“I am in charge of the NCK Orchids nurseries, as well as the cultivation of the plants from the invitro until they are ready to be exported is in my hands, ensuring that each export is successful is my task”


At Nck Orchids we focus on the sale of our products for intermediate clients (B2B) at an international level such as: Growers, suppliers, wholesalers or brokers.

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