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Frequent Questions

Orchids that are in extreme temperatures, that is, very bright light, very high, or low temperatures, for a long time, or the root is infected.

Some orchids are fragrant, such as catleya orchids, but when it comes to phalaenopsis, there are not many phalaenopsis with scents, although recently new aromatic varieties have come out.

There are several reasons that will cause orchid leaves to turn yellowish. Nitrogen cap, magnesium, and drowned orchid root will lead to orchid leaves turning yellow. Inspecting the tops of the leaves, you can understand why. If the new leaf is smaller, it means that it is lacking in magnesium.

The PH is very high. In this case, the use of irrigation with clean water is extremely important for a few weeks to purify the roots.

After 5 to 6 months, the orchid should be changed to a larger pot, this will help it to grow stronger. Also, watering excessively will affect the growth of the orchid.

It usually takes 40-15 days for a new leaf to grow.

For the orchid to flourish, it needs a controlled room temperature between 25 ° C to 30 ° C during the day, and between 18 ° C to 20 ° C at night.

Lo recomendado es regarla cuando la el musgo esté termino medio seco.

It is recommended to water it when the moss is half dry.

These are symptoms of a petal blight, it is recommended to use pesticide as soon as possible.

If the environment in which the plant grows is good, the speed with which the orchid grows will be high. On the other hand, some types of orchids are characterized by their roots coming out of their pot.

Payment is made through a bank account, which means that the bank to protect the client will only deposit the money to our account once we show the export papers already ready. In this way, the client will make sure to have his load, and we will give the necessary confidence.

Our company makes FOB shipments, which means that the company only takes care of the plants until they arrive at the Taiwan airport. After that, the customer should be responsible for any loss. It is necessary to buy a thermometer for any type of temperature problems that may arise in airports.

Once everything is corroborated, the amounts, measurements and the payment already made. We have an estimated 2-3 weeks for the drying, inspection and packing process.

By no means do plants need to breathe and get used to their new habitat and / or ambient temperature.

Each client has a different type of climate, nursery, among others. It is extremely important once they receive the boxes, to open them all immediately, so that they can breathe, since they were in a period of hibernation during the flight. The plants must be installed in their respective nurseries as soon as possible, so that they do not run out of oxygen. As we mentioned before, it is important not to water them immediately.

The boxes will always have a lower temperature due to the plane and truck, it is important that the temperature difference is not so extreme, as well as not exposing the plants to direct light the days after receiving them.

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